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Make A Hand  features ebooks by world renowned author JPS Brown. These books about the real west and authentic cowboy lifestyle continue the tradition and mission of Make A Hand and “telling the cowboy story.” 


The music of make a hand is written and performed by Cory Padilla and based on the works of JPS Brown. This music is meticulously produced by a Grammy Award winning team in Nashville.

Audio Books

The audio book versions of works by JPS Brown are professionally recorded and mastered and narrated by celebrity and dramatic actors. These audio books are available as digital editions for download.

The Making of a Masterpiece

Make A Hand, Publishing eBooks, Audio Books, Music and Film

“….they had lies.”

                                       Jim Chilton


Truth Rides A Cowhorse

by JPS Brown

Truth Rides A Cowhorse is the story of a cowboy’s fight to defend his livestock against activist environmentalists who spend millions of dollars in a campaign to rid the world of the cow while it spends more millions on a campaign to save the whale.

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J.P.S. Brown

The library of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center at Oklahoma City keeps a collection of J.P.S. Brown’s books. In 1999 he received The Will James Society’s first annual Big Enough award for a lifetime of literary achievement in the cowboy tradition. In 2003, he received the Lawrence Clark Powell Award given by the Arizona Historical Society and the Pima County, Arizona Library Association. 1970, first novel Jim Kane was made into the movie, Pocket Money with Paul Newman and Lee Marvin in 1972. 1971, The Outfit was published. Reviewers and southwestern academics consider this book a classic in southwestern literature. 1974, The Forests of the Night was published. Steve McQueen wanted to do the film at the time of his death. The great American writer Jim Harrison wrote in November of 2011 that “J.P.S Brown is the great restorer of the great American quest”.

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Make A Hand, Publishing eBooks, Audio Books, Music and Film

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