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Make A Hand Music Page

Make A Hand Music

Featuring the music of Cory Padilla, Make A Hand Music continues our tradition of ‘telling the cowboy story.”
Make A Hand Music Page

Check Out “Cowboy Christmas”

Now available for download.

Make A Hand Music Page

Cory Padilla

Although, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Cory has the heart and soul of a “True Cowboy”. You see his family on both sides have bloodlines that run deep in cowboy tradition. This is what inspired young Cory to use his exceptional singing and writing ability to create the music soundtrack for “A Cowboy Operetta” inspired by the bestselling book “The Spirit Of Dogie Long” from the highly admired Western author J.S. Brown. This much anticipated release is produced by legendary producers Ray Kennedy and John Forbes with music from Chuck Mead and The Grassy Knoll Boys. Cory Padilla has come to understand it takes time, pride in what you do and hard work to “make a hand”. This is how he approaches this project and what will be the first of many from this future music star.